Midwives4all – Poor maternal health, including devastating consequences such as stillbirth and newborn death, is an urgent issue to tackle.
Midwives4all is an initiative of the Swedish MFA to spread knowledge about the benefits of midwives and evidence-based midwifery. We believe in the power of networks to achieve change.

Women have the right to survive pregnancy and childbirth.


Ingela Wiklund, President, The Swedish Association of Midwives

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Once upon a time…
Läs mer om svensk historia i boken 300 ÅR I LIVETS TJÄNST (2011).
Read more about our Swedish experiences, midwives and midwifery

Every Generation has its challanges…
23-25 April 400 parliamentarians, ministers and representatives of civil society gathered in Stockholm for IPCI 2014, an international parliamentarians’ conference on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

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