NJF Congress Helsinki 2022

Nordisk barnmorskekonferens i Finland 4-6 maj 2022.

NJF Congress 2022

The 22nd Nordic Midwifery Congress, NJF 2022, takes place at the Scandic Marina Congress Center in Helsinki on 4-6 May. Over 500 midwives and other health-care professionals from around the

world will be attending. The theme of the Congress is “Midwives promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights”, which reflects the broad scope of the work of midwives as experts in sexual and reproductive health. The congress patron is Helsinki City Deputy Mayor for Education Nasima Razmyar. President Franka Cadée brings greetings from the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM).

There will be almost 200 different presentations, including both oral and poster presentations, by midwifery researchers, developers, educators and leaders from the Nordic countries as well as other countries. The topics of the presentations cover, for example, family planning, care of childbearing women and their families at different phases of care, sexual rights, as well as midwifery education and the organization of maternity care. Topical themes in this congress are, for example, COVID-19 and digital methods in the work of midwives. Keynote speakers are Frances McConville (WHO), Hannakaisa Niela-Vilén (University of Turku), Mika Gissler (Finnish institute of health and welfare), Sari Räisänen (Tampere University of Applied Sciences) and Leena Hannula (Metropolia).

The congress is organized by The Federation of Finnish Midwives, whose main goal is to develop the midwifery profession, maternity care and gynaecological health care by increasing midwives’ professional skills and knowledge, by supporting professional cohesiveness and making professional identity stronger. The NJF congress takes place every third year and it took place in Finland previously in 2007.

Päivi Oinonen
Suomen Kätilöliitto –
Finlands Barnmorskeförbund ry.
The Federation of Finnish Midwives