Disputation Louise Lundborg

Title: Safe Labor- Reappraisal of labor duration and management for safe maternal and infant outcome 

Disputation Louise Lundborg

Supervisors: Mia Ahlberg, Olof Stephansson, Anna Sandström, Xingrong Liu 

Opponent: Stine Bernitz
Committee: Susanne Georgsson, Helena Lindgren, Andreas Herbst 

Place: CMB, Berzelius väg 21, Solna (Entrance from the back of the CMB building)Date: 13 MayTime: 9.00 

The dissertation will be held in a hybrid format. You are all welcome to join in person at CMB, otherwise please join by Zoom.
Zoom link https://ki-se.zoom.us/j/66245562875
Meeting ID: 622 455 62 75 

Please remember to stay muted and keep your camera off during the presentation, time for questions will be announced in the end of the defence.