Nordisk Jordmorförbund NJF Statement 2018

Confederation of the Nordic Midwives Associations


The world community looks to Midwives in the Nordic countries to innovate, show bestpractice and put women and babies at the center of care. We call on each of the Nordic governments to deliver on the following initiatives to strengthen midwifery, enabling midwives to provide quality care for women and their families within sexual and reproductive services.

1. Every woman should have access to a midwife throughout her life cycle, including:
Sexual counselling
Throughout pregnancy
During labor and birth
After birth according to her needs
Women’s health counselling
Access should be provided regardless of citizenship/residency status.

2. Midwifery care should promote normal labor and birth, based on evidence
(quantitative and qualitative studies as well as best practice) and women’s individual
choices and needs.

3. Every pregnant woman should have access to continuity of midwifery care and carer. This is a key strategy in a) promoting better maternity outcomes and b) addressing
workforce issues.

4. Midwifery education and regulation should be based on a Direct Entry 5-year
master’s program. Strengthening Nordic midwifery education will enable midwives to
fulfill the potential of midwifery in the Nordic countries and internationally.

5. A funding model for individualized maternity care should be used. The current funding model promotes medicalized, and/or centralized maternity care including birth
care which adversely impact the health and wellbeing of mothers and babies.

NJF Statement 2018


Nordiskt Jordmorförbund (NJF)
Förbundets namn är Nordisk Jordmorforbund (NJF) och har till sitt ändamål att främja
barnmorskornas professionella yrkesutveckling och intressen, och verka för samarbete
mellan barnmorskorna i de nordiska länderna. NJF består av barnmorskeorganisationer i Danmark, Finland, Färöarna, Island, Norge och Sverige.