Förbundsordförande Ingela Wiklund på WHO

Barnmorskeförbundets ordförande Ingela Wiklund deltog som talare på WHO Triad Meeting i Geneve den 17 maj 2014. Ämnet var ”Collaborative partnership in the current social economic realities and beyond”.

”Midwives and Nurses played a key role in the dramatic rise in global life expectancy that occurred during the 20th century, and have continued to contribute enormously to the improvement of the health in most parts of the world. Midwives and nurses are the backbone of every health system, as they facilitate the smooth implementation of health programs and policies for sustainable development, towards increased maternal and child health and in reducing maternal and infant mortality and morbidity.”

Inledningsvis visades den svenska filmen ”Every generation”. Representanter från många länder kommenterade filmen efteråt. Film, tal och diskussion om Sveriges erfarenheter ägnades cirka 30 minuter.

Representanter från WHO, ICM, ICN och policymakers deltog på mötet. På plats i Geneve fanns också Sineva Ribeiro från Vårdförbundet.

Läs hela talet/the speech  ”Collaborative partnership in the current social economic realities and beyond”, Ingela Wiklund at the WHO Triad Meeting 2014-05-17.

International Confederation of Midwives – more information about the WHO Fifth Triad Meeting in Geneva 16-17 May 2014.