Vacancy for voluntary service – Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia

The Hamlin Midwifery College, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Organization profile
Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (HFE) is a world leading organization committed to the treatment and reintegration of patients suffering from Obstetric Fistula and the training and deployment of qualified midwives to prevent Obstetric Fistula and other childbirth injuries.

As part of prevention strategy, HFE has opened Hamlin Midwifery College in 2007and is producing competent midwives who are able to provide compassionate and respectful services to the rural community in Ethiopia.

The number of midwives across the country has increased tremendously over the past 10 years following the expansion of Universities and attempts have been made to address the issue of accessibility of skilled birth attendants. However, the quality of services being provided has been compromised by the lack of competencies in basic obstetrics and newborn health care which is a reflection of the existing Education system.

Effective education offers a balance of theoretical and practical experiences to help learners develop competencies that are essential for their entering a Healthcare profession and continuing to develop professionally throughout their careers. Education is intricately linked to social context. Broad social, cultural, historical, and political forces interrelate to form and shape teaching and learning, and thus the essential competencies that learners must develop.

In order to improve the maternal and newborn health care services at the grass rootlevel, highly educated health care professionals are required at all level of care system that are capable enough to generate evidences, integrate, implement and evaluate accordingly.

As part of the strategy, in line with the government policy, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia would like to begin a master’s program in the field of clinical midwifery and invite potential applicants for the position of lecturer.

Position – lecturer/assistant or associate professor

Program – Master’s in Clinical Midwifery
Duration – Minimum of 2 years, full time
Reporting to – Dean of the College

Qualification and Experience
(a) PhD in Midwifery/Reproductive health/Maternity Nursing
(b) Minimum of 3 years post-doctoral and research experience.
(c) Applicants must be a Registered Midwife
(d) Experience in teaching and coordinating relevant academic programs
(e) Excellent oral and written communication skills

The appointee will play an active role in the academic direction of clinical midwifery program including teaching, research, academic assessment and academic administration. The appointee should carry out such duties as are assigned to him/her in accordance with academic rules and regulations of the Hamlin College of Midwives and regulatory bodies in the countries.

The appointee will have the following duties and responsibilities:-
a) Conducting classes for the clinical midwifery students
b) Setting out and implementation of timetables for clinical midwifery program
c) Carrying out assessment, monitoring and evaluation of examination work and
providing an academic and consultative support to students in their Learning activities.
d) Liaising the Hamlin College of Midwives with likeminded teaching institutions and other appropriate bodies in relation to Midwifery and other health related matters
e) Providing academic input on existing and new courses and course development and course co-ordination.
f) Engaging in research, consultancy and development work as appropriate.
g) Participating in national and internal committees appropriate to courses and meetings convened by the academic commission of the college.
h) Maintaining appropriate records and making available information as required by the college.
i) Engaging in promotion including student recruitment
j) Participating in development, implementation and maintenance of academic quality assurance arrangements.
k) Participating in appropriate activities necessary to the development of the programs in the college
l) Providing advice to the Dean and Vice Dean of the college.

The performance of these duties will require attendance in addition to class Contact hours during the normal working week.

To apply please submit your CV together with a one page letter outlining your interest to serve as a volunteer.

Contact information
Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia
Hamlin College of Midwives

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